Automotive and Off-Highway

The use of composites in the automotive industry is growing rapidly.
Originally restricted to the more exotic end of the spectrum, the demand for lightweight structures and fuel efficiency has prompted mainstream manufacturers to develop the use of composites in their products.
Silicone Composites have worked with manufacturers at both extremes of the industry with experience including the development of tooling to manufacture truck body panels to silicone vacuum membranes used in the construction of Formula 1 racing cars.
Silicone can not only be used to manufacture vacuum bags for liquid resin infusion processes but it can also be used to build reusable bags for de-bulking prepreg and for ‘envelope bagging’ complex multi-sectional tooling.

An aerodynamic truck spoiler infused under a silicone vacuum bag.

An example of a complex multi-sectional pre-preg mould sealed with a spay-silicone ‘envelope bag’.